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Think of the anthemic sounds of U2 and Springsteen mixed with the rawness of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Black Crowes and you might just get a slight glimpse into the sonic chemistry of Isolated Atoms. But make no mistake....... this is Isolated Atoms and no one else! That’s a hell of a statement to make but this is Arena music, festival anthems, radio friendly hooks, all waiting to be discovered.

Grant Leon Ashman (Vocals), Mark Neat (Guitars), David Davies (Bass) and Yang (Drums) like to think of their songs as 3 minutes of mixed emotions. They make people love, cry, provoke, and challenge, all in equal measure. But most of all they have to be real, written with passion.

Their previous single release ‘Hold On’ turned a few heads in the Industry and showed what four guys with drive, talent and ambition can do. Isolated Atoms are intent on putting the Black Country, home to so many incredible artists over the years, back on the map.

Fancy a Sex War?........Isolated Atoms next single AVAILABLE NOW.....................


Track: Isolated Atoms –Hold On

An LA magazine put them on the cover (calling them "British sex rockers" and singer Grant Leon Ashman "a cross between Jim Morrison and Hannibal Lecter", which musta been nice), and comparisons with U2, The Cult and Depeche Mode are running wild.

We'd be tempted to describe their style as Phil Oakey goes croaky. Listen to their latest track and make yer own mind up.


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""Isolated Atoms rule! We recently added Tell Me What I Want and it is the sound of a vibrant young band who have listened to all the right influences over the years and are now ready for their day in the sun...and shine they will!" "
Spud, Program Director -

Black Country Electro Rock outfit Isolated Atoms are swapping the grey skies of Dudley for the sunny shores of California having secured headline grabbing shows in Los Angeles, California.
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