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Isolated Atoms

The legendary Classic Rock Magazine with a readership of 160,000 Worldwide feature Birmingham’s Isolated Atoms in their April issue. Labelling them

One of the hottest new bands in Britain’

the Black Country rockers also feature on Classic Rock magazines latest CD offering which is distributed throughout North America and Europe.

Their latest single ‘Hold On’ features as track 7 on the Classic Rock cover mount CD ‘Unleashed’ which is available from March 28th. Praise indeed!

Formed in the Industrial wastelands of the UK’S Midlands, the band’s sound takes influences from Kings Of Leon, U2 and The Cult. That’s a hell of a statement to make but this is arena music, festival anthems, radio friendly hooks, all waiting to be discovered.

A BIG sound, well produced, well written, a real anthem. A solid piece of commercial maintstream radio rock’.

Loz Guest, Kerrang! radio

A melodic sound that brings to mind The Cult and U2’ Vive le Rock

Isolated Atoms are really on their way to making it big’ BBC Introducing

Isolated Atoms plan to knock the UK for six’ Room Thirteen

Grant Leon Ashman, Mark Neat, David Davies, and drummer Yang like to think of their songs as 3 minutes of mixed emotions. They make people love, cry, provoke, and challenge, all in equal measure. But most of all they have to be real, written with passion.

The band have been together since 2009 but things are just beginning to get serious.

After a stint playing and recording in Los Angeles during the summer of 2011 they returned to the UK with a definitive rock sound harking back to the seventies and eighties but with a modern twist.

To date, Isolated Atoms have been a musical mystery. This may be a good thing, as their upcoming single release of ‘Hold On’ will make people take note of four guys with drive, talent and ambition, who are intent on putting Birmingham, home to so many incredible artists over the years, back on the map.

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Management : Steve Burrows PPS Music Management Ltd

In the meantime, they continue to make incredible sex rock.

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Hold On

PPS Music Ltd

Released 8th April 2013

Available via major download sites