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Isolated Atoms new release ‘Hold On’ to be featured on Classic Rock CD


'Isolated Atoms new release "Hold On" to be featured on Classic Rock CD March 2013'

April issue of Classic Rock Magazine will include a free CD titled 'Britain’s Best Unsigned Bands'. This CD will include 'Hold On' released via iTunes on April 8th.

entertainment-focus and Isolated Atoms - How I've Tried

Justin Ng,
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On this week's 'Electric Banana radar'
Juanita McGowen,
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Black Country Electro Rock outfit Isolated Atoms are swapping the grey skies of Dudley for the sunny shores of California having secured headline grabbing shows in Los Angeles, California. The band, Grant Leon Ashman, David Davies, Mark Neat and drummer Jake Yang have become firm favourites of Derek Forbes, bassist in 80's legends Simple Minds.

Derek decided to give them airplay on his hourly radio show which goes out to millions, across LA each Friday from 10am. Various DJ's within the Combat Radio/LA Talk radio network picked up on the boys who have now been invited to play a series of shows to record executives at Universal Studios next month. Steve Burrows, MD of PPS Music Ltd in Kidderminster, Worcs, has guided the band since discovering them in The Wharf Bar, Walsall, just two years ago. Steve said 'After 18 months of hard work, and with some incredible new material ready to showcase this might just be the break Isolated Atoms need.

The guy's will grab this opportunity to show the States just what the Black Country can offer' Having recently released second single 'Play' which is available on Spotify and iTunes the band have been compared to Depeche Mode, The Doors, Joy Division and The Cult.

Isolated Atoms check in at Beacon Radio for acoustic session
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Isolated Atoms photo shoot 5th March 2011 with Stephen Hunter
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'There is enough modernity in the track to make it fresh and Isolated Atoms are intriguing enough to make us curious about future releases.'
Bargi on Sun,
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'This really is a scorching song (Play) full of magnificent dynamic and riff driven power rock confidence.'
John Kennedy,
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'As someone who sees bands week in week out, you get taken aback when you come across something so unique and 'outside the box'.'
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'great track, cool video. I totally 'get' this band. LA will love them'
Ash Avildsen. TKO Agency, Los Angeles, USA .

'looking forward to working with them next month. I feel honoured!'
Peter Hook.

'an intense and moody blend of rock and indie. Isolated Atoms are well on the way to making it big!'
BBC West Midlands.



'the missing link between Joy Division and New Order'

'with a sound that takes the best aspects of new wave and gives them a refreshing twist these Atoms should bomb up the charts'
News of the World.

'isolated atoms offer a darker, more atmospheric take which will stand them in good stead for 2010. Consider them primed for takeoff!'

'insistent, throb a thon, theatre rock. We like this a lot!'

'offering some dangerously close liaisons with The Bravery. Alluring'

'their moody yet mature electro rock sound is one to throw a spanner in the works. Miss them at your peril!'
The Big Cheese magazine.

'a slice of electro indie at it's finest. These atoms are about to move from isolation to mainstream very soon!'

'the first time I heard this track I knew we had to get these guys in for an acoustic session. Can't wait for more!'
Mike Howarth. BFBS digital online.

Fashion Musica song saturated in dark eighties drama and swelling, atmospheric vocals, with a sincerity The Killers would die for...'
Fashion.Music.Style. magazine.

'with a song worth listening to, and a style worth keeping an ear out for in the future, this band make quite an impression'

'there's just something about this music. The vocals are irreproachable and suit the music perfectly, like some form of rock opera!'
Acuvi Music Review.

'taking elements of Placebo and Interpol the Isolated Atoms create something deceptively dark and danceable...'

'hooking us with their radio friendly heroicness. This band are definitely worthy of further investigation'

'buggering hell this is good! Sure to cause a fair old rumble. What a spanking, epic, electro euphoria!'
The Sunday Experience.

'we strongly tip this band to maintain the current strike rate of Midlands based groups'
Coventry Telegraph.

'Tell Me What I Want' (released 2009), the best single this year'
Paul Ripley. Manchester Radio Online.